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We at EnergyMDT have been hard at work to bring you programs that benefit and contribute to your life, living, health, finances.  Click on the links below to learn more about them.

EnergyMDT PTSD Program

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As an expansion of our services, we are thrilled to partner with The Medina Agency to offer a selection of Specialty Programs that help people create lasting change in the problem areas of life: maintaining weight, getting restful sleep, and managing pain. And now, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and wildfires in multiple countries, we have also added a class on living through natural disasters.

The techniques we use are proven life-changing skills. They are easy to learn, based on 21st-century neurokinetic science and create rapid, effective, long-lasting results.

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From experience, we know peer support is a helpful tool that can aid staying on course and reach goals.  With that purpose, we have set up a Support Group for our Specialty Programs.  Our Support Group will be held weekly, on the same day of the week, Saturdays.  This is only available for the individuals who attend the Special Programs since we will be discussing the techniques taught.

The first three (3) support meetings are complimentary.  Check your Specialty Program email for the discount code. No refunds.

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