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“One thing I noticed after playing the Becoming Money Magnet recording is a sense of ease around money. It is not like visibly something has changed but somewhere the knowing that money flows are making new pathways filled with ease and joy is there”


“I listened to the recording 4 consecutive times. I looked at the age spots and it ’s very sutled change. I also had an intense dream after listening on the 3rd day I attributed to clearing energy of envy or jealousy. I’ll listen again tonight for next 3 days and I’ll give you the update again”


“I want to share with you my experience. I am already feeling a lot confident and beautiful. I am liking myself. ” (After listening 3 times/4 days)


“I have noticed that my neck looks more lifted and smooth, and the lines around my lips are smoothed more. They all look especially nice and smooth upon waking after playing the loop while I sleep! It’s exciting!  I have done nothing different except play the loop. Thank you ;)” (After listening 5 times)


“I really enjoyed listening to this recording. I found it astonishing that my jowls and neck look so much younger and rejuvenated. My facial skin looks like if it is glowing also.”


“Wow I love this recording (Letting Go). I felt my chest opening up. What kind of energy are here? It’s phenomenal


“Wow!! I listen to this one (Becoming Money Magnet) twice. The energies are awesome”


“Good morning. I have been listening to it (Becoming Money Magnet) every day. The biggest thing that I have noticed is that it is changing the way that I look and think about money. I’m thinking about it more in ways that I will have it and it’s just a matter of time till I will be worry free as it refers to money. It has caused me to change my outlook and the way that I think. I no longer allow myself to think “I can’t afford that. I’ll never have that.” I now try to think of it in more positive ways. The only thing I would say about the actual recording itself, some of the pauses are a bit long. It almost makes you think that you lost the recording. All in all I feel very positive. I am going to listen to it throughout the weekend and start the other on Monday.”


“This past June my son had a stroke while walking.  He fell and fractured his skull which required immediate brain surgery. The doctors removed a piece of his skull to give the brain space since due to the trauma, it had swollen.  After the first surgery and while in ICU, he had to have a second brain surgery due to a brain hemorrhage.  I asked Ximena to do a healing session while we were waiting for him to go in surgery.  After both surgeries, he had no movement on the left side of his body. The doctors were puzzled how he could still be alive since the heart is on the left side of his body. Besides the healing session, Ximena also showed me how to do the Neurokinesis techniques to reprogram the brain to have control over the body movements which I believe is the reason that he gained full body functionality.  After 3 months, he is walking around like nothing happened. I’m very grateful for all Ximena has done.”


“Two years ago my son moved from Florida to Maryland.  Immediately we noticed that he wasn’t healthy.  His skin had a yellow tint, including the eyes. Upon hospitalization, the doctors informed us that his liver was not working properly due a liver valve malfunction. While following the advice of the doctors, I also contacted Ximena to perform a healing session on him.  Whatever she could do to help in the situation was fine with me and him since he would probably need a liver transplant.  She performed the session and said all went well she had worked on the liver and kidneys.  After a couple of days, the doctors were puzzled because the bilirubin levels were going down and eventually went to “normal”.  The doctors were never able to provide an explanation of what happened but he went home with normal levels of bilirubin, salts, etc.”


Good afternoon! Time does fly by, doesn’t it? I have to honestly say that I am feeling a lot less anxious than I did before our session. I am using the hand technique more and more and finding that it is helping quite a bit.


Thank you so much for the wonderful webinar you hosted tonight! So many blocks removed and better feelings about money!  I appreciate you and what you do for our community of coaches!


I am glad to have found Ximena at the time when I needed help with addressing the issues of depression. I was going through a period of grief after losing a loved one. Her neurokinesis sessions were very helpful and I am still using the techniques whenever I need help to release the depression. The follow-up sessions are a big contribution to motivate me to live my life with ease and joy.


My neck and lower back were stiff like is common, so they were pretty tight trying to curl up into ball and was uncomfortable because of that, but I did it anyway and fell asleep in that position, and then I did it throughout the night when I woke up, too. Woke up with my neck not stiff at all and that it is almost ALWAYS stiff every morning, and my lower back not as stiff. And I woke up SUPER relaxed feeling!! My whole body just relaxed feeling, like my muscles were just limp everywhere (except a little bit of soreness in lower back, but not as much as usual). That felt really nice! Did it again for a while before I got out of bed, then, too to see if would help lower back more. Just a small bit of soreness in lower back now as I move around. Also, noticed I just feel lighter in spirit, not worried as much as have been kind of stressing lately.


After class last night I now understand the putting your finger on the center point of your pain. It has helped with both neck pain and shoulder pain. I’ve often noted that I can feel the exact pain point, now I know what to do about it. It is similar to how I could tell where I needed an acupuncture needle because my skin would get really itchy. Thank you for helping me learn how to help my body (and brain) help itself.


I confess to being an emotional eater and sugaraholic. Very frustrating. After the weight class I am totally free of it. I keep doing the technique and I couldn’t believe it would work that fast. I waited to make sure it wasn’t just me using willpower but it is not that. I also have an awareness of portion size and also when I am full. Didn’t have that before. I can’t wait for the next class!


I lost two pounds overnight after first weight loss class! : ) I too had been doing emotional eating, late night mostly, and “mindless” eating with craving either salty or sugar or both. lol! Now I stop when I am full, actually noticing actual hunger. Still wanted something last night.. went for salty popcorn and butter.. at least I stopped after that! We have to remember to do it before EVERY bite or meal.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me for that online class. I haven’t done anything different and I’m down 5.2 pounds since I watched it by using what I learned.


“I have them on loop and usually play 2 loops first thing in the morning. 2-3 loops in the afternoon and once usually between 9 and 10pm. I originally was hoping to aid my semi-feral dog. So far, she has not run into her crate during thunderstorms-so that is huge!! Thundershirts didn’t help.  Only down side is she is now sleeping on my bed during the day, sneaking into the bedroom – lol!!  Maybe some evidence of confidence? It doesn’t bother me as Tank and my other dog Lola always sleep on the bed with me at night. And one of my cats, who is very skittish (a Siamese who was rescued as a kitten) and will not come near anyone, has been coming into my computer room and sleeping under my desk now. She has even rubbed up against my leg a few times. Still not able to pat her, but getting closer and the fact she wants to hang out in the room now-that is huge!! Those are the only things that I have noticed so far. Will let you know more as they develop!!” 


“The behaviors I wanted to modify are my dog’s anxiety/PTSD, food obsession, and impulse/fixations (on unhelpful things and issues). When I use them for her she is calmer, tends to fall asleep, and seems to be more trusting of me…I noticed that a longstanding and mysterious health problem in my other dog has subsided somewhat! Thank you so much, I’ve got a feeling your recordings are going to be very helpful in the long term for both my dogs.” 


“The recording, with Ximena’s voice on it, brought me to the very core of my issue. I got a picture of my loving, very religious grandmother who taught me that I have to earn God’s approval, that we are small, like little bugs against him, we have to work hard and it is bad thing to have many possessions. I was so afraid of God’s disapproval and life itself as a result. I became runaway healer who betrayed myself, my dreams (I have big dreams). My grandma died when I was a child, and forgot about everything. I remember feeling grandma’s love, and I would never believe that I got negative programming from her. All this time, I blamed my mother who abandoned me for some time and tried to be a good mother later on. After I got a picture, I started to release. I feel energy is leaving my body without hurting it. Now I completely forgave my mother. Much Gratitude Ximena!!!”


“Both work perfectly! This was very visceral, very powerful! My body was feeling morphy and moving like in and out of this dimension. My head was tingling too. I worked on eyesight and after the process the clock on the opposite side of the room seemed clearer. I did the process 4 times and each time rechecked my vision with the clock and it still clearer! Thank you for letting me experience your powerful work. It is amazing and I am so honored to experience you and your great work.”


“This package is what I’ve been looking for. I’m releasing so many hidden emotions from past lifetimes that were limiting my life and joy in this lifetime!  I didn’t know I had so much religious influencing me. Now I’m curious to find out more about me and I will definitely be using the Akashic Journey to do so!”


“Thank you for your recordings. I’m listening to both and enjoying them very much. I must say, I had a good childhood and overall life but I’m releasing a lot of sexual trauma from past lifetimes. I never would have suspected that I had them in me. People are telling me that I’m now softer. I’m here to be your test subject anytime you want”


“It feels like I’m taking the weight of the world OFF my shoulders! I enjoy both recordings, I feel that each one has its own personality”


“I purchased your package and I just wanted to tell you how fantastic it is. I just wanted to let you now how much I am enjoying it and how powerful it is. I have purchased many packages but I feel that this is one of the best ones that I have purchased, at least for me!! Thank you so much for these MP3s.”


“In a world of hype and empty promises, Ximena is the real deal. She is brilliant, yet unassuming. Her group sessions are insightful and enlightening. Her modules work together… just listening sparked miraculous internal changes in me. I feel in-tune with my body, in touch with my intuition, and I’m learning how to bring joy back into my life at a time when I didn’t think it was possible. Ximena’s “I AM Series” truly delivers! I highly recommend it!”


“When I met Ximena, I did not know where to get money to buy the I AM series package. I just knew I need to do it. I listened to the phone call over and over again. So, money for the program magically appeared giving me the opportunity to change my life. I was so helpless, un-grounded and agoraphobic at that time, completely at mercy of others. I was at the point that, I thought, I would probably die. I did not want to die, so I committed to healing. I got together with Ximena twice over the phone. After that , Life started to happen to me. I stepped into my power. I got a job, where I am respected. They are paying me extra. I got a puppy (such a joy). My husband stopped abusing me. I believed in miracle and I got it. One more thing, we were estranged with my family. It was too much for me. It is different now. Very grateful! Thank you Ximena God bless your heart”


“My heart is rejoicing since I purchased your program. I use your tools daily in my life. During the live calls with you, I was able to share my issues that were appearing and through your incredible work, they were disappearing! My eyes were feeling sore and were red, it felt like I had pink eye, sticky and gross. We worked on it and it diminished instantly! Apparently I picked it up from my dad when he was dying. I understand now how this happens. Thank you! The other thing I must mention here is that my money has increased! I AM MONEY! I recommend Ximena highly to everyone! I’m looking forward to any other tools or calls you will be offering. Blessings.”

MJ (New York)

“Your voice was beautiful. I loved saying “yes” to each affirmation so as to solidify and bring that affirmation into embodiment. I found myself taking a deep breath on my own after saying yes. It felt natural to do it then. My heart chakra was activated throughout the journey and, my crown chakra was activated around 1/2 way or 3/4 way through. It felt powerful and yet it is hard to put into words. I nodded off a couple of times because I was at the end of the day, so it brought me to a relaxation point enough to doze off slightly a couple of times. I am so elated for joy with this new product that you created, it is very unique.”

Rose (US)

“Ximena, I have done the program and let me tell you, I feel sooo good! I have more energy, more at peace. At work I feel more in control and know the answers to my problems are there for the asking. This is so new for me, I always had to struggle in getting customers to listen but no more! Thank you”

JL (Santa Cruz)

“Ximena, I am doing the I AM series program. Let me tell you, during the I AM Power session, I did not feel much energy moving; however, after the session I felt and I am still feeling huge energy moves. It is hard to describe it but definitely I feel my solar plexus and heart chakra energy moving and open to have my power back!!! I’m sorry but it’s really hard to describe how I feel also, my co-workers think they see changes in me but they can’t tell what it is…LOL I’ve been listening to the recordings at night. Definitely two thumbs up!!!”


“Ximena helped me navigate through the single scene. I’m recently divorced and things have changed big time. I felt insecure on what was expected of me. Now I feel more comfortable and use Ximena’s tools. Dating is fun!”

John (Virginia Beach, VA)

“I made money so significant in my life that I was constantly afraid I wouldn’t have it. Using Ximena’s tools have helped with the worry and now I have more money! I love the spreadsheets Ximena shared because now I can see my progress, thank you”

MG (Los Angeles, CA)

“We bought a house in Clearwater, FL this past summer. We felt wonderful about our new home. We got it at a discount! Shortly after moving in we felt a heaviness in the air and then our pets starting acting fearful. We called my friend’s friend, Ximena. She took the time to educate us on what was going on in the house. She went on to clear the space a month ago.  The house feels lighter and my fur babies are acting normal.  She did all this without the need to travel!”

Louisa (FL)

“Being a newly single woman, I needed the encouragement to feel sexy and attractive to men. I felt awkward going on dates until I had a session with Ximena. We worked through some confidence issues and she gives me that extra boost to feel sexy before I go on a date. So far things are looking good! Thank you, Ximena!”

Cathy (Bethesda, MD)

“Ximena’s teleclass in relationships was helpful in me opening my eyes to what my relationship truly lacked. My partner and I are in a better place now and continue to practice with the tools Ximena taught us”

Ann (Potomac, MD)

“My business and I were not doing well. I had business sessions with Ximena which cleared up a lot of things for me. It lead me to see if I wanted to continue with the family business although it wasn’t fun for me. At the end, I hired people to do the daily run of the business and I keep tabs on it and I was able to start a business line that I enjoy immensely. Both business are profitable. I’m glad I attended Ximena’s session.”

PJ (Plano, TX)

“After my money workshop I got $20K and my bank accounts increased by 40% from the last quarter and 87% from the same time last year! After the money workshop an investment I made returned me over 400%”

Ximena (MD)

“I participated in Ximena’s workshop. A month afterwards being creativity translated to sales and a move to Florida!”

Jeannette (FL)

“One morning I woke up and as I sat up in bed I got a very sharp pain on my back. I couldn’t move or even breathe properly. I didn’t know what was going on in my body but I knew that it wasn’t a physical ailment that doctors/hospital could fix…I could feel something in my back but there was nothing. I was lucky that I called Ximena and she was available right away. We talked on the phone about what I was feeling and what she perceived. Seems that a spear was protruding my back from another lifetime. Ximena removed it and almost right away I was fine again. Amazing!!!”

MP (Reston, VA)

“One of my horses got spooked and scratched his leg really bad but no broken bones. There was nothing the vet could do.  I contacted Ximena to see if anything could be done.  She did what she called remote healing for a week.  Amazingly, the leg healed fast and no infection although we’re in the tropics!”

JT (Beni, Bolivia)

“I had a session with Ximena where I ended telling her that my husband and I were trying to get pregnant and although everything was fine, according to the doctors, I still wasn’t pregnant. She worked on some believes I had that IF I got pregnant, I’d would be tied to my husband forever. Not that I mind that because I love him, but that was the believe that I had to overcome. After a couple of sessions, I got; PREGNANT!!! Thank you, X!”

PT (Potomac, MD)